What’s this?

Read this post for a quick discussion.

The current tools


ArchLinux, with i3 as window manager, and Gnome Terminal with fish shell.


Kakoune for file editing, Firefox with the Tab Center and VimFx extensions (and Zotero and other standard stuff) for browsing, Pelican for blogging.


Jupyter with Python’s scientific ecosystem, Elm, and git. Occasionally Julia. Hopefully a lot more of, soon, Rust.


Gnote for permanent notes and scratchpads, RedNotebook for all dated notes, and Hamster to track time spent on tasks and keep a good overview of work hours.

Interface and incentives

The Dvorak keyboard layout. Workrave to push me to take regular breaks so I don’t go blind because of too much screen, and RedShift so that said screen stays comfortable at all hours of the day and night.