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Ungamifying work. There’s a case for not gamifying work. The now popular saying “do something you like and you’ll never have a day of work” is a bit treacherous I feel, as it blurs the lines between work and leisure. Which is the whole point, but the danger is that work is near-unavoidably linked to some flavour of optimisation (unless you’re working against capitalism), and that mindset ends up leaking into your leisure and your whole life in fact.

Best move. I’m coming to the end of my PhD in a few months, and have been wondering for months now what to do next. The main project I’m interested in is evolving the scientific publication ecosystem (which is badly needed). I find the problem absolutely fascinating and super complex (make research sexy again!), but watching Patch Adams, Edgar Morin, and reading a few other more social and critical things (esp. about today’s western civilisation) make me wonder: what do I really want to invest my time and energy in? What will I deem will have been the best move, once I’m 95 years old (if I get there)?

Control. One certainty is that, as Edgar Morin says, whatever I do, I won’t control its outcome or how it gets woven into society. Which kind of makes you wonder what is worth (or meaningful) aiming or fighting for. Another reason why it’s really important to fall in love with problems and not solutions.